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HawaiiForums.net Receives Upgrade!! - Saturday, May 3, 2003 at 01:34  Subscribe To RSS Feed

The HawaiiForums.net, which is an endeavor created by the 808Riders Network in an effort to unite the people in Hawaii through an online community forum, has recently completed an upgrade! With only two months in existance the HawaiiForums received their first upgrade in both the Forum software and in the servers. We were currently using the WWF v6.34 for our forum applications and with the release of the new WWF v7.01 forum application software we decided to peform the upgrade. The result is a new and exciting new look and feel on the forum boards. Also at the same time with the increasing technology change we decided to go with an upgrade in hosting. This meant upgrading to the new Windows 2003 Servers. This upgrade took a few days, but has now been successfully completed. We hope you will check out our Hawaii Riders Forum or take a look at the other forums we offer which will continue to grow in the future.

808Riders Network & The HawaiiForums are hosted by the outstanding service of Web Wiz Hosts.

The same forum software used by HawaiiForums.net is available along with many other applications from Web Wiz Forums.

2003 By The 808Riders Network.

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