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Watch Out For Those Dangerous Curves! - Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 02:07  Subscribe To RSS Feed

Dangerous Curves Hawaii


Dangerous Curves Hawaii is a group of all female motorcycle riders. The group strongly supports safe riding and welcomes all female riders that do not have a "fast and furious" riding attitude. The group has a wide variety of riders, consisting of two thirds sportbikes and one third cruisers. Women that ride with the group are married, single, some have children and range from 23 to 60 years old. The actual breakdown of riders is, riders in their 20's are 40% of the group, riders in their 30's are another 40% of the group, while the other 20% of the group is ladies over 40.

Dangerous Curves is more than just motorcycle mamas that ride on weekends. Many friendships have developed and riders have get togethers to sing karaoke, play cards, go to the beach and go to movies. The ladies support each other in time of need, when one loses a family member, when one crashes, when one is breaking up with a boyfriend or going through a divorce.

DCH Riders At Aloha Tower. Click For Full View

Dangerous Curves Hawaii started forming in early 2001 when Shannon A. and Shannon W. were "surfing" the internet for motorcycle parts and stumbled onto Michelle's personal sportbike page. After corresponding via email, they starting riding together. Soon after that Laura and Jeanette were referred to the group by Bobby, a salesman at Cycle City. Several months later Brenda had heard about this group of female riders and introduced herself at the 2001 Toy Run. Michelle, Shannon A., Shannon W., Laura, Jeanette and Brenda are commonly known as the "original six".

Dangerous Curves kept growing via word of mouth, by handing out business cards to other riders and to local motorcycle shops. By August 2002 Dangerous Curves had 24 females riders with the group. In September 2002 the Honolulu Advertiser featured Dangerous Curves Hawaii on the cover of the Island Life Section. The article was also re-printed in the Island Weekly. An over-whelming 40 new female riders inquired about Dangerous Curves after reading the articles.

DCH Group Pick. Click For Full View

A few months later, Dangerous Curves was approached by Midweek to be a feature cover story. In November 2002 the cover story ran. Ten more female riders inquired about the group as a result.

Currently 30 women come out to ride with Dangerous Curves on a regular basis. Dangerous Curves still continues to grow! Since the beginning of 2003 Dangerous Curves has had 22 more inquires about the group from female riders.

If you are interested in becoming a member or finding out a little more information about the "DCH". Be sure and check them out at their website where you can find all the information about becoming a member, riding with the "DCH", and just meeting a great family of female motorcycle riders in Hawaii!

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