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Tips To Prevent Thieves From Ruining Your Day! - Monday, June 2, 2003 at 08:38  Subscribe To RSS Feed

Motorcycles are a common target for thieves due to there small size, easy manueverability and the simple fact that you can just haul them away with a few big guys. Percentage of stolen bikes listed by manufacturer derived from the Lostride Database.

Harley Davidson har_stat.gif (881 bytes)40.7
Honda hon_stat.gif (925 bytes)23
Suzuki suz_stat.gif (904 bytes)9.7
Other oth_stat.gif (934 bytes)7.9
Yamaha yam_stat.gif (910 bytes)6.2
Kawasaki kaw_stat.gif (901 bytes)5.3
Triumph tri_stat.gif (887 bytes)2.6
BMW bmw_stat.gif (887 bytes)1.7
Ducati duc_stat.gif (891 bytes)1.7
Buell bue_stat.gif (891 bytes)0.8

A Few Tips You Can Follow To Make It Harder For Thieves:

  • Park out of sight in a garage or basement, or use a cover.
  • Engrave with an Operation Identification Number recommended by local law enforcement.
  • Lock all bicycles with a case-hardened chain or cable and lock, winding the cable through the frame and both wheels and then around a fixed object.
  • Use the fork lock found on most street motorcycles. For extra protection of your bicycle or motorcycle, invest in a heavy U-shaped lock made of extremely hard steel that cannot be hacksawed, or a case-hardened chain and a sturdy padlock.
  • Watch out for key numbers! Some motorcycle manufacturers stamp the key number on the lock. With this number, anyone can go to a key maker and have a key cut that will fit perfectly. Many key makers ask for identification, but don't take chances-write down your key number, store the number in a safe place, and then file it off the lock.

Avoid Buying A Stolen Vehicle:

  • Verify that the VIN plate is intact and check it against the VIN on the ownership documents.
  • Ask the seller about the vehicle's history and past financing and insurance. Verify this information with the bank or insurance company.
  • Be wary when purchasing used auto parts-you could be patronizing a "chop shop" (where stolen cars are sold as parts) and indirectly encouraging auto theft.

Great Source To Check A VIN# Or Report The VIN# Of Your Stolen Ride

If It Happens To You:

If your vehicle is broken into or stolen, inform the police immediately. Stolen vehicles may be used in the commission of other crimes. Your quick action may both aid in recovering your vehicle and preventing its use for illegal purposes.

Take Action:

  • Get your Neighborhood Watch group to look out for abandoned and suspicious vehicles or bikes, and educate members on preventing vehicle theft.
  • Check your state's laws regarding salvaged titles, secured ownership documents and VIN inspection programs. Are they sufficient protection against professional thieves and "chop shops"?
  • Engrave the ID# in several locations on your car or bike, such as the door frame, bumper or under the hood and trunk lids.
  • For each car you own, record the the following information and file it away in a safe location:

Year, Make, Model, Color,
ID # or VIN, License #, Identifying Marks

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