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Additional HawaiiForums Domain Extensions Aquired. - Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 07:48  Subscribe To RSS Feed

The HawaiiForums started out under just the .net domain name extension, but we have recently aquired additional domain name extensions of the HawaiiForums domain name. We have decided to aquire additional domain extensions of our HawaiiForums name to keep it under the same identity. The additional extensions which can now be used to access the HawaiiForums main site are under the .org and the .info domain extensions. The other extension we have been actively trying to aquire is the .com extension, but with no success. It is currently registered and the domain owner is not even using the domain name. However that will not dampen our spirits or efforts to continue with our HawaiiForums endeavor. Continue to check back with us at the HawaiiForums as well as the 808Riders Network as we work to become the best source for news, info, and motorcycle rider interaction for the Islands Of Hawaii.

~ Mahalo ~

HawaiiForums Now Under Three Domain Extensions.
Primary Site: http://www.hawaiiforums.net
Secondary Sites: http://www.hawaiiforums.org or http://www.hawaiiforums.info

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