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808Riders™ Network Store - Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 11:18  Subscribe To RSS Feed

The 808Riders™ Network has just opened up an online store that showcases apparel featuring the 808Riders™ Network name. This is just another way you can help out the 808Riders™ Network and the HawaiiForums.net in support of the online community features we strive to bring to the motorcycle riders in Hawaii. You can now ride in style wearing nice quality apparel and along with that promote our sportbike news and information network here in the islands. So check it out and tell a friend about it too! It's hot and ready to go!

Here are just a few items available! For more items and info click on the link at the bottom or on one of the pics.


Visit The 808Riders™ Network Store For More!

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