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12 O'Clock Riders Definitely A Group Taking Over - Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 23:45  Subscribe To RSS Feed

So Who Are The 12 O'Clock Riders?
Let's Just Let Them Explain:

"It all started out on the H-3 look out in Hawaii when I met my good friend Matt playing around on his bike. We started riding together with other groups on the Island until I had my crash. Well I was out of a bike for some time and when I got my new bike it was back on except we did not ride with other groups. We then met up with Jeremy at the H-3 look-out and he was new to the island and did not care to much about riding with the other groups on the island and started riding with us. Every now and then we would bring someone out to ride with us. To cut the story short this is how it went for us. First there was one bike, then two, four, etc... What started out as a few bikes going for a ride every Saturday,soon turned out to be a tradition.Soon just going for a ride wasn't enough of a thrill. We needed to raise the limits. And so the name 12 O’Clock Riders was born. A group of local riders looking to learn all of the tricks, and then some! The most asked question we get is, were did the name 12 O’Clock Riders come from. I explained to Matt and Jeremy what it would stand for and they liked it so we went with it. If you want to know what 12 O’Clock means to us, then stop by at the H-3 look-out at 12 O’Clock every Saturday and you will figure it out."

Check Out Pics From Their April 5th & 12th,2003 Ride HERE

To Find Out More About The 12 O'Clock Riders, Check Them Out At http://www.12oclockriders.com or send them an email at webmaster@12oclockriders.com

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