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The Threat Options Crew - Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at 23:07  Subscribe To RSS Feed

So what is all this talk about Threat Options? What it is? Where is it? Who is it? Well we have the inside scoop on the Threat Options crew and the details to fill you in on. So get ready for the introduction of the Threat Options crew.

The Threat Options crew :

Threat Options,stunt and performance shop! We carry everything from street to dirt but we specialize in stunt modifications for your streetbikes or XR/CRF 50. We also do drag mods and Harley upgrades. We have the top stunt team in the state but we welcome all newcomers in all our cruises. We are the only shop that throws events for the riders of any and all brackets and interests. We will be throwing a grand opening party at our new location in Kailua on April 11th (sunday) free food and drinks. Everyone is welcome to come down and celebrate with us. The new location is across from Zippys on Oneawa Street. We will meet at the lookout at 2:00 in the afternoon and ride together to the shop where we will be bar-b-q-ing. Feel free to stop by and help us celebrate the Threat Options grand opening.

Threat Options
46-022 Alaloa St.
Suite 213 Kaneohe, HI
(that's behind Windward Mall)
PH: (808)235-9949


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