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NBC News Film Crew To Be At May 22nd Track Day! - Friday, May 7, 2004 at 18:47  Subscribe To RSS Feed

Here is your chance to be on TV, doing what you love and in a positive way. On Saturday May 22nd Mid Pacific Road Race Association (MPRRA) will have an NBC News 8 film crew at the Track & Stunt Day. NBC News 8 will do a few hours of documentary and interviews. MPRRA will have access to all NBC News 8ís footage shot at this event. NBC News 8 will have up to 3 of its top end cameras there. With a cost of over $70k each they will be able to get some unreal footage. We will try to work in a fun race during one of the group 3 sessions, and a short stunt show during lunch.


Due to an unforeseen change in schedule, NBC News 8 will not be at the Saturday May 22nd Track and Stunt Day, but at the July 3rd Track and Stunt Day. The May 22nd Track and Stunt day will go on as planed.

For more info on the May 22nd Track and Stunt Day Visit The Links Below:

News Article: http://www.808riders.com/news/news_item.asp?NewsID=31

MPRRA Website: http://www.mprra.com

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