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17th Annual Punchbowl Memorial Candlelight Run 04 - Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 02:39  Subscribe To RSS Feed

The Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets M/C have their 17th Annual Punchbowl Memorial Candlelight Run 04 right around the corner. This is an annual event held at Punchbowl (National Cemetery for the Pacific). The graves are adorned by American Flags and leis. The various motorcycle riders arrive at the cemetery in formation around 5:45 PM and line the horseshoe drive on both sides. Last year there were almost 400 riders in attendance. There is a guest speaker, playing of TAPS, and a 21 Gun Salute honoring our fallen men and women of the Armed Forces. Then with all candles lit by persons in attendance, a flyover by 4 Army helicopters in formation. This is a must see event!!! This is a family event and all are encouraged to attend.
Here is the ride information:

VNVMC/Legacy Vets 17th Annual Punchbowl Memorial Candlelight Run 2004

When: Sunday, May 30, 2004

Meet at Kakaako Waterfront Park at 4:00PM for a 5:00PM departure. Ride through Waikiki bound for Punchbowl (National Cemetery for the Pacific) and the Candlelight Memorial Service.

Limited Edition T-Shirts and Tank Tops will be available at Kakaako Waterfront Park and at the Fleet Reserve Association after party for $15 each. $20 for XL-XXL shirts.

Everyone is also invited to the Fleet Reserve Association, after the memorial service for a spaghetti dinner with the fixings. Advanced tickets can be purchased through any VNVMC/Legacy Vets M/C member for $10 per person or $20 per couple.

All are invited to attend. If you have never attended this
Candlelight Service you have been missing a very emotional event. It is a great tribute to all Service Members past and present. Nothing would be more spectacular than seeing all of Honolulu at Puchbowl, on May 30, 2004, showing their support for our troops.

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