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1st Annual Aloha Cross @ Hawaii Motor Speedway - Monday, October 11, 2004 at 21:36  Subscribe To RSS Feed

The 1st Annual Aloha Cross will be taking place at Hawaii Motor Speedway (Campbell Industrial Park) on Friday, Saturday & Sunday October 29-31, 2004. This will feature Pro Riders such as David Pingree, Ryan Mills, and Danny Smith just to name a few. On Friday and Saturday Oct. 29-30 you can watch the top AMA Supercross and Arenacross riders battle for a $10,000 purse each night! Sunday Oct. 31 will feature Amateur Races with Hawaii's top riders in a battle for over $30,000 in prizes and sponsorships! This is one spectacular weekend you won't want to miss! So come on out and watch the best of the best riders going to head to head for the ultimate claim to victory!

Tickets available at :
Oahu : South Seas Cycle, Competition Dirt, Cycle Imports, Dirty Boyz and Threat Options
Maui : Aloha Cycles
Big Island : Kaiser Motorcycle (Kailua,Kona)
More Info : (808)864-6771 (weekend passes available)

Website : http://www.dbzmx.com/alohacross.htm

1st Annual Aloha Cross @ Hawaii Motor Speedway

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