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SecondHand Sin - Rockers To Avid SportBike Riders - Sunday, February 13, 2005 at 14:14  Subscribe To RSS Feed

From rockers to avid sportbike riders SecondHand Sin is a name to remember. A local rock band in Honolulu, Hawaii, SecondHand Sin is destined for fame. This awesome band consist of members who have both a love for music and a love for sportbikes.

Secondhand Sin was officially formed in June of 2004. J.D. (Rhythm Guitar), Joe (Bass), Wilson (Lead Guitar), and Jason (Drums) were all stationed on a sub out of pearl harbor at the time. The four got together and jammed a bit, always on the lookout for a lead singer. J.D. heard an old friend of his was still on the island, Luke (Vocals) and called him up. After a few practices in June the band wrote three originals, learned a few covers and decided on a name. The bands first gig was at Gussie L'amours, in early August. Secondhand Sin continued to practice and play at various places around town, including private parties and hit the studio to record their demo on Halloween, 2004. Joe got orders to Washington D.C. and was replaced by a friend of Luke's and fellow Submariner, Beek in December of 2004. Since then they have played several times a month at such places as Bedroq's Bar and Grill, The Wave Waikiki, and Kapono's. J.D., Wilson, Joe and Beek are all avid sportbike riders, and race at the track every now and then.

For more information and upcoming show dates, visit their website at : http://www.secondhandsin.com

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