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Homeland Sportbikes. Increasing The Connections. - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 00:30  Subscribe To RSS Feed

We recently ran across this site called HomelandSportbikes.com and decide to run a brief acticle and explain a little about them. As most of our groups in Hawaii know, a large amount of the riders here in the islands of Hawaii are military members. I know a lot of times they get transfered and move on to different places and then they have to start all over making new connections to go on rides with. So what the folks over at the website HomelandSportbikes.com have done is come up with a way to broaden our connections and allow riders to hook up with other members across the U.S. So saying that, if you get those orders and have to leave our beautiful islands be sure and hit them up at HomelandSportbikes.com. Add yourself to the member database and help the connections grow!

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